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1972 Die Cut Test Set



1972 Test Set 1972 Test Set -- 30 Titles & Puzzle
Hard to Find Titles:


Band-Ache,   Breadcrust Hash,   Camals,   Chock Full O'Nuts,   Cover Ghoul,   Crust,   Dopey Whip,   Duzn't,   Fink,   Gadzooka,   Grave Train,   Horrid,    Hostage Cupcakes,   Jail-O,   Kook-Aid,   Lavirus,   Liptorn,   Maddie Boy,     Mrs. Klean,   Minute Lice,   Mutts,   Paul Maul,   Pure Hex,   Quacker Oats,   6up,   Skimpy,   Spray Nit,   Tied,   Vicejoy,   Weakies
Common Titles NONE
Variations Unknown - possibility exists for back variations on repeat titles.  (See Test Sheet)
Test vs. Regular The Test set wackys have a different color back than the regular diecuts
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Lost Wackys/ Unpublished Titles The 1972 test series was a reprint of the 1967 Die-Cuts.  There were 14 Titles dropped before this Series began, and one title, Janitor-in-a-Slum, which was never  published.
Rough Art Found Cover Ghoul  Rough Art (1967)
The Rare Cloth Series Puzzle & Checklists were originally printed for this Test Set

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Cloth Series Gadzooka Puzzle 

Cloth Series Checklist


Uncut Sheet Uncoded Test Sheet
Wrapper Hypothetical Wrapper:  0-455-21-01-2
Display Box Hypothetical Box:  0-455-40-01-2

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