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1972 Die Cut Test Set

The Checklist was made for this diecut test set, but later inserted in the Cloth Series

wacky packages 1972 checklist

1972 Test Set 1972 Test Set -- 30 Titles & Puzzle
Hard to Find Titles:


Band-Ache,   Breadcrust Hash,   Camals,   Chock Full O'Nuts,   Cover Ghoul,   Crust,   Dopey Whip,   Duzn't,   Fink,   Gadzooka,   Grave Train,   Horrid,    Hostage Cupcakes,   Jail-O,   Kook-Aid,   Lavirus,   Liptorn,   Maddie Boy,     Mrs. Klean,   Minute Lice,   Mutts,   Paul Maul,   Pure Hex,   Quacker Oats,   6up,   Skimpy,   Spray Nit,   Tied,   Vicejoy,   Weakies
Common Titles NONE
Variations Unknown - possibility exists for back variations on repeat titles.  (See Test Sheet)
Test vs. Regular The Test set wackys have a different color back than the regular diecuts
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Lost Wackys/ Unpublished Titles The 1972 test series was a reprint of the 1967 Die-Cuts.  There were 14 Titles dropped before this Series began, and one title, Janitor-in-a-Slum, which was never  published.
Rough Art Found Cover Ghoul  Rough Art (1967)
The Rare Cloth Series Puzzle & Checklists were originally printed for this Test Set

Read the whole story here -- 1972 Test Set

Cloth Series Gadzooka Puzzle 

Cloth Series Checklist


Uncut Sheet Uncoded Test Sheet
Wrapper Hypothetical Wrapper:  0-455-21-01-2
Display Box Hypothetical Box:  0-455-40-01-2

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