Daffy Patches

Mill-Stone Dog Biscuits



Daffy Patches

1974 Daffy Patches - 53 Titles by Three Fish Inc.

Daffy Patches

November 1974 Daffy Patches Ad



Blaster's Choice LIKsom Flea Bags
Blest Toothpaste Lost Raisin Bran
Blotch Tape Messola Corn Oil
Blubberfinger Mill-Stone
Buried Deodorant Minute Mice
Burper Baby Food Mold Cleanser
Caramel Cigarettes Mr. Dirty Cleanser
Chief Joy-ar-dee Mutt's Apple Juice
Clever Girl Oveready Battery
Dill Soap Panters Peanuts
Drool Aid Drink Mix Payola Crayons
Farmer Hotdogs Plajax Cleanser
Flirts Mints Polish Wet Oink
Frute 33 Cologne Rabbit Shave Foam
Ghoul Cigarettes Schwartz Bird Food
Grass Wax Scream Toothpaste
Grieve Cigarettes Scream Whip
Groovy Train Dog Food 7 Urp Cola
Hang Sick Blades
Hawaiian Crunch Shake N Snake
Hog Cabin Swell-O Dessert
Hippy Pop Popcorn Thunder Bread
Infester Cigarettes Vicering Cigarettes
Kennel Wrap Vomit Cleanser
Killo Pads Who Dunnit Margarine
Latrine Mouthwash Wrong Guard Deodorant
  Yucky Strike


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