Kooky Patches




Kooky Patches

Kooky Patches by N. G. Slater

Kooky Patches

24 Titles



Baby Tuth Hounds
Bare Aspirin Junky
Belches Kentucky Fried Chipmunk
Bent Cigarettes Mice Crispies
Big Tac Mold Detergent
Chock Full of Butts None-A-Day
Cracker Jerk Saggies
Croke Shed on Shoulders
Double Stink Gum Snotties
Frosted Snakes Stic and Stain
Good and Lousy Vile Soap
Hippy Peanut Butter Vomit


Daffy Patches


1974 Daffy Patches by Three Fish Inc.

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