Topps Chewing Gum Company

Production Codes

Year Project # Series Wrappers Boxes Sheets
1974 98 Wanted Stickers 0-498-21-01-4


1974 Wanted Stickers Uncut Sheet


Wanted Stickers Checklist of 42 Titles


"Baby" "Doctor" "Pet Cat"
"Baby Sitter" "Door-to-Door Salesman" "Pet Dog"
"Barber" "Father" "Plumber"
"Big Brother" "Fatso" "Policeman"
"Big Sister" "Garbage Man" "Postman"
"Bus Driver" "Kid Brother" "Principal"
"Butcher" "Kid Sister" "School Nurse"
"Cafeteria Cook" "Lazy Bones" "Slob"
"Candy Store Owner" "Liar" "Taxi Cab Driver"
"Chain Smoker" "Librarian" "Teacher"
"Cheapskate" "Maid" "Teacher's Pet"
"Class Bully" "Mechanic" "Telephone Operator"
"Dentist" "Mother" "T.V. Repairman"
"Disc Jockey" "Next Door Neighbor" "WiseGuy"


9 Piece Puzzle

1967 Wanted Posters

1968 Wanted Posters (UK)

1974 Wanted Stickers

1975 Wanted Posters

1976 Wanted Stickers (UK)

1980 Wanted Posters


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