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1974  Wacky Placks

Wacky Placks came out in 1974 and were available wrapped in cellophane at  J. C. Penney's, Woolworth's, and several toy stores.

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They are twice the size of regular stickers (3.5"x 5"), and a much better example of the original artwork.

The Wacky Placks were assembled in three layers.  The backing is a wood composite covered in glossy paper, and the image itself is on very thick cardboard.  Two cardboard strips are sandwiched between them for a visual 3-D effect.



Licensed by Topps, the Wacky Placks were made by Wallace Berrie & Company Inc. of Van Nuys, California.


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A total of 36 Wacky Packages titles were issued, from Series 1 through 4.

Wacky Packages Placks  -- 36 Titles

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