Wacky Packages

1983 Collector's Edition

The 1983 Wacky Packages Collector's Edition was only available from bubble gum machines, and stickers were dispensed in plastic eggs.

1983 vending header

The Vending Machine Header Card reads --

Topps Wacky Packages Stickers
Collector's Edition - 25 cents Cheap - Collector's Edition
Copyright Topps Chewing Gum 1983

The stickers were 2"x 3", which is slightly smaller than regular wackys.  They're easy to spot, because they have a large black background.

The Collector's Edition wackys have an adhesive back to "lick and paste" rather than "peel & stick" like regular stickers, and the images do not separate from their borders.

A second Header Card was found with a 10-cent price, which may indicate that this set came out much earlier than 1983.

So far, only 11 titles have been found in this rarely seen set --

Slopicana BustedFinger Crakola Creature Crackers
Ditch Boy Dums FootsieRoll Hawaiian Punks
Koduck Peter Pain Wormy Packages  

But we can also see in the header card below, that some regular series wacky packages found their way into gumball machines.

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