1994 Topps MadCaps

Wacky Packages Pogs



Wacky Caps: #5 Paid

Flags: #3, 4, 8

Dino Might: #2, 5, 8

Wild Ones: #1, 5

America's Ugliest: #1a, 3a, 4a, 4b, 7a, 7b, 8b, 12a,

12b, 13a, 15b, 18a, 19b, 32b, 33a, 37a, 37b, 44a

Wacky Slammers: All



Wacky Caps: #3, 4, 8

Flags: #2, 5, 7

Dino Might: #1, 3, 4, 7

Wild Ones: #2, 3, 8

Loco Motion: #1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8

America's Ugliest: #1b, 2a, 2b, 3b, 5b, 6b, 8a, 9b, 10a, 10b,

11a, 11b, 13b, 14a, 14b, 15a, 16a, 17b, 18b, 19a, 20a,

21a, 21b, 22b, 23a, 23b, 24a, 25a, 25b, 26a, 27a, 27b, 28b,

29a, 29b, 30a, 30b, 31b, 34a, 34b, 35a, 35b, 36a, 38b,

39a, 40a, 41a, 41b, 42a, 42b, 43a, 43b, 44b




Mad Caps Topps MadCaps Pogs -- 128 Titles
Wacky Caps (8)
by Norm Saunders
Dino Might (8)
by Hal Robins
& Paul Mavrides
Loco Motion (8)
by John Pound
Flags (8)
by Norm Saunders
Wild Ones (8)
by John Pound
America’s Ugliest (88)

by Drew Friedman


Patrick Pigott

1a Illin’ Allen
2a Sureshot Steve
3a Pick’n’Flick Phyllis
4a Glidin’ Glenda
5a Stella Sausage
6a Billy the Kid
7a Bouncin’ Bonnie
8a Arty Farty
9a Delores Dogface
10a Ava Niceday
11a Al Lergy
12a Leakin’ Len
13a Pick Nick
14a Norbert Orbit
15a Jack the Flipper
16a Stormin’ Norman
17a Reptilian Lillian
18a Chuck Closeshave
19a Bloodthirsty Brenda
20a Stack’em Jacqueline
21a Flipped Felix
22a Sybil Simeon
23a Slammin’ Sue
24a Mucous Lucas
25a Cy Clops
26a Stiff Cliff
27a Zelda Zipperhead
28a George Licker
29a Prissy Pamela
30a Dead-eye Dick
31a Chip Dip
32a Hairy Mary
33a Clonin’ Cohen
34a Max Wax
35a Flippin’ Francine
36a Nosedive Ned
37a Larry Lobotomy
38a Henry Hemmorhage
39a Hurlin’ Hal
40a Spotty Scotty
41a Pipin’ Paula
42a Hal Itosis
43a Freddy Face-off
44a Rammin’ Ronnie
1b Slammin’ Sammy
2b Poppin’ Pauly
3b Pilin’ Paula
4b Ann Somniac
5b Hot Doggin’ Dolores
6b Babyface Nelson
7b Candy Crammer
8b Tad Too
9b Fetchin’ Fran
10b Fanny Facelift
11b Drippy Don
12b Wipeout Willie
13b Bob the Broiler
14b Propeller Perry
15b Flyin’ Fun Gus
16b Chargin’ Charlie
17b Leapin’ Liz Erds
18b Asa Hellrazor
19b Sharp Samantha
20b Sal Iva
21b Turner Round
22b Anna Banana
23b Drippin’ Debbie
24b Chris Kross
25b 20/20 Tyler
26b Rottin’ Rodney
27b Connie Head
28b Tongue-tied Clyde
29b Rita the Rat-Eater
30b Socket-to-ya’ Simon
31b Mean Joe Green
32b Primate Kate
33b Head-to-head Ted
34b Flappin’ Fritz
35b Jammin’ Jean
36b Digger Dave
37b Madcap Mark
38b Blisterin’ Blake
39b Kyle Bile
40b Stacker Lee
41b Cora the Killbilly
42b Barney Basher
43b Flippin’ Mitch Stitch
44b Iron John
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