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1982 Cereal Premiums

Beastball Iron-On Transfer

This promotional Beastball iron-on transfer was distributed in the comics section of Sunday newspapers on August 1st, 1982 and included coupons for Waffelos, Cookie Crisp, and Dinky Donuts cereals.

beastball iron-on
"Free Wacky Packages Iron-On Transfer
Plus free Wacky Packages stickers and posters in specially marked
packages of Waffelos, Cookie Crisp, and Dinky Donuts brand cereals."

This ad shows four wackys - Beastball, Hookey, Wormy Packages, and Foolball.  All are parodies of Topps products, but for some reason Hookey was switched with Gadzooka for the cereal inserts.  And Hookey didn't appear in the Album set either.  Did the Ralston Purina Company complain that it would provoke truancy?  I guess we'll never know, but it's interesting to think that another company may have C&D'd a Topps product.

Hookey may also have been dropped due to the fact that Topps did not issue Hockey cards between 1982 and 1985.  Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I believe this is the one and only time Hookey has appeared anywhere since the original 9th series.


1982 Cereal Wackys 1982 Cereal Wackys - 8 Stickers & 8 Box Panels
5 Cereal Boxes Cookie Crisp box,   Vanilla Cookie Crisp box,   Dinky Donuts box,   Waffelos box,   Blueberry Waffelos box
8 Box Panels Beastball panel,   Crookie Crisp panel,   Dinky Gonuts panel,   Foolball panel,   Gadzooka panel,    Laffelos panel,   Whale-Os panel,   Wormy Packages panel
8 Stickers Beastball,   Crookie Crisp,    Dinky Gonuts,   Foolball,   Gadzooka,   Laffelos,   Whale-Os,   Wormy Packages
Unopened Packs Beastball pack,   Crookie Crisp pack,   Dinky Gonuts pack,   Foolball pack,   Gadzooka pack,    Laffelos pack,   Whale-Os pack,   Wormy Packages pack

Opened Pack

Opened Pack
Cereal Coupons with Iron-On Transfer Beastball Iron-on


Dinky Gonuts T-shirt
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