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1982 Cereal Premiums

Blueberry Waffelos Cereal Box

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1982 Cereal Wackys 1982 Cereal Wackys - 8 Stickers & 8 Box Panels
5 Cereal Boxes Cookie Crisp box,   Vanilla Cookie Crisp box,   Dinky Donuts box,   Waffelos box,   Blueberry Waffelos box
8 Box Panels Beastball panel,   Crookie Crisp panel,   Dinky Gonuts panel,   Foolball panel,   Gadzooka panel,    Laffelos panel,   Whale-Os panel,   Wormy Packages panel
8 Stickers Beastball,   Crookie Crisp,    Dinky Gonuts,   Foolball,   Gadzooka,   Laffelos,   Whale-Os,   Wormy Packages
Unopened Packs Beastball pack,   Crookie Crisp pack,   Dinky Gonuts pack,   Foolball pack,   Gadzooka pack,    Laffelos pack,   Whale-Os pack,   Wormy Packages pack

Opened Pack

Opened Pack
Cereal Coupons with Iron-On Transfer Beastball Iron-on


Dinky Gonuts T-shirt
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