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1973 Wacky Stationery Sets

Here is an interesting item, which was only recently discovered.  Personal stationery sets from the 1970's with Wacky Pack images.

rice a phoni

The sets came in an open-faced box measuring 5.5" x 12.25" and wrapped in clear plastic.  They were produced by Paper Trends, and sets included 15 wacky sheets (same title), along with 10 light green envelopes.

The art has been redrawn, and there is no visible Topps copyright, although this appears to be a true licensed item.

Wacky Stationery

1973 Wacky Stationery Sets -- 4 Known Titles

Hard to Find Titles: All Harm & Hammer,    Neveready,    Rice-A-Phoni,    Crakola
Close-Ups of Reworked Art Harm & Hammer,    Neveready,    Rice-A-Phoni,    Crakola
Manufacturer's Label  

Paper Trends Label


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