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1974 UK 1st Series

In Nineteen Hundred and Seventy Four, Wackys Sailed to England's Door

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As you probably learned in elementary school, England was discovered by Wacky Packages in 1974.  Twenty nine brave titles were chosen from series 1 through 9 to make the long journey, along with a reprint of the Gadzooka puzzle bearing a new checklist on the back.

All the stickers in the first UK series were tan-back, and the only difference between these wackys and the US wackys is the copyright -




This is the same copyright used in the US series 7 through 9, and these wackys are identical in both the US and UK sets.  But the twenty Series 1 through 6 titles donning this copyright, are in fact their British cousins.

Only about 13,000 boxes were made for the UK wackys (see below), which isn't many in comparison to US releases.  Packs sold for 3 pence, or about 6 cents in REAL money.

The Natives of this distant land proved to be too savage to appreciate the gift of sophisticated wacky humor, and sales were sluggish.   Personally, I think the art that Topps chose for the box may have been partly to blame.  The UK box didn't show the wonderful characters which make wackys so endearing. 


The UK box and wrappers are rare in comparison to regular US series.  The stickers themselves and the excess checklists were released in the US in Topps Fun-Packs, although they are still hard to come by.

A 2nd UK series was also issued later, so stay tuned.

UK Wackys Wacky Packages UK Series -- 29 Titles & Puzzle
Hard to Find Stickers:

Reprints from US Series 1-6

Ajerx,   Bald,   Botch Tape,   Brittle,   Brute 88,   Camals,   Clammy,   Gadzooka,   Head & Boulders,   Jail-O,   Koduck,   Moobelline,   Motorzola,   My Sink,   Neveready,   Paul Maul,   Schtick,   Shot Wheels,   Tied,   Ultra Blight
Common Stickers:

Reprints from US Series 7-9

Canadian Clod,   Contrac,    Fibby's,   HexLax,   Kleenaxe,   Paper Wate,   Pigpen Oil,   Squabble,   Yicks
wacky packages
wacky packages
No Variations

NOTE: All UK Wacky Packs are Tanbacks


(same as US 7th, 8th, & 9th Series)



UK 1st Series Puzzle & Checklist  

UK Gadzooka Puzzle

1st Series UK Checklist


UK Wacky Packages Wrapper 1st Series UK Wrapper   #0-459-85-01-4
UK 1st Series Display Box 1st Series UK Box   #1-459-40-01-4
UK Uncut Sheet UK Production Sheet   #4-459-05-01-4
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