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Lamb Love Monkey Purple Goldfish Key Lime Dino Chimpanzee


Snowman Groundhog Lil'Kinz Canary American Golden Retriever Cotton Candy Bunny


Minty Reindeer Floral Fox Purple Monster Tinker Pup Bubblegumasaurus


Magical Retriever Mutt Fire Fawn Lil'Kinz Seahorse Grey Squirrel


Brown Cow

Black Panther Grey Langur Parakeet Hedgehog


Dachshund Camel Lil'Kinz Cardinal Orca Whale Sea Otter


Orangutan Love Kitten Buffalo Porcupine Lil'Kinz Triggerfish

Chipmunk Grey Wolf Bottlenose Dolphin Eagle Lil'Kinz Hummingbird


Clownfish Pink & White Dog Webkinz Bat Sheep Floppy Pig

Rottweiler Lil'Kinz Chickadee American Albino Deer Lil'Kinz Bluejay


Caramel Lion

Silverback Gorilla Lil'kinz Lioness Lil'kinz Gecko

Spotted Leopard Toco Toucan Skunk Fantail Goldfish Cocoa Dinosaur Webkinz Love Puppy - Webkins
Pink & White Cat Wacky Zingoz Crocodile Love Puppy Himalayan Cat

Siamese Cat Lemon-Lime Gecko Striped Snake Pink Googles Lil'Kinz Clydesdale

Samoyed Dog Gecko Lioness Whimsy Dragon Rhino
American Cocker Spaniel Leopard Lizard Bengal Tiger Brown Dog Tiger Snake
White Mouse Kangaroo Chicken Lil'Kinz Chicken Lil'Kinz Black Poodle
Grey Arabian Horse Schnauzer Black Poodle Velvety Elephant Tie-Dye Frog Webkinz Love Frog - Webkins
Duckling Penguin Charcoal Cat Seal Love Frog
Turtle Collie Dog Yellow Lab German Shepherd Pinto Horse

Webkinz Cheeky Dog Retired - Webkins Webkinz Black Stallion - Webkins Webkinz Black Cat - Webkins Webkinz Reindeer - Webkins
Cheeky Dog Black Friesian
Black Stallion)
Black Cat Reindeer Brown Arabian Stallion

Webkinz Raccoon - Webkins Webkinz Clydesdale Horse Webkinz Sherbet Bunny - Webkins Webkinz Cheeky Cat - Webkins
Raccoon Clydesdale Horse Sherbet Bunny Black & White Cheeky Dog Cheeky Cat

Webkinz Black & White Cat - Webkins Webkinz Poodle - Webkins Webkinz Dalmation - Webkins Webkinz Black Lab - Webkins Webkinz Pink Pony - Webkins
Black and White Cat Poodle Dalmatian Black Lab Pink Pony

Webkinz White Terrier - Webkins Webkinz Pug - Webkins Webkinz Persian Cat - Webkins Webkinz Rabbit - Webkins Webkinz Pig - Webkins
White Terrier Pug Persian Cat Rabbit Pig

Webkinz Pegasus - Webkins Webkinz St. Bernard - Webkins Webkinz Alley Cat - Webkins New Webkinz Chocolate Lab- Webkins Webkinz Basset Hound - Webkins
Pegasus St. Bernard Alley Cat Chocolate Lab Basset Hound

Webkinz Husky - Webkins Webkinz Unicorn - Webkins Webkinz Grey Cat - Webkins Webkinz Orange Cat - Webkins Webkinz Koala Bear - Webkins
Husky Unicorn Gray and White Cat Gold and White Cat Koala Bear

Webkinz Lion - Webkins Webkinz Hippo - Webkins Webkinz Leopard - Webkins Webkinz Cocker Spaniel - Webkins Webkinz Chihuahua - Webkins
Lion Hippo Leopard Cocker Spaniel Chihuahua

Webkinz Cow - Webkins Webkinz Cheeky Monkey - Webkins Webkinz Bull Dog - Webkins Webkinz Horse - Webkins Webkinz Golden Retriever - Webkins
Cow Cheeky Monkey Bull Dog Horse Golden Retriever

Webkinz Panda - Webkins Webkinz Frog - Webkins Webkinz Polar Bear - Webkins Webkinz Googles - Webkins Webkinz Elephant - Webkins
Panda Frog Polar Bear Googles Elephant

Webkinz Tree Frog - Webkins Webkinz Beagle Webkinz Spotted Frog Webkinz Bull Frog - Webkins Webkinz Pink Poodle - Webkins
Tree Frog Beagle Spotted Frog Bull Frog Pink Poodle

Webkinz Tiger - Webkins Webkinz Monkey - Webkins Webkinz Black Bear - Webkins Webkinz Gorilla - Webkins Webkinz Yorkie - Webkins
Tiger Monkey Black Bear Gorilla Yorkie

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webkinz secret recipes

Freaky Flan k$16
This wild recipe makes a freaky tasting treat!
Hunger Boost: 10   Health Boost: 4   Happiness Boost: 0
The cost-per-boost of these 14 points comes to $1.14 each.

Webkinz Recipe Mix these three ingredients: Appliance
Freaky Flan Lemon Pie Pear Pumpkin Stove/Grill/Cauldron
webkinz secret recipes