Webkinz Garnet Rover


Red is one of the strongest colors of the Christmas season, and we’ll be seeing more of it this coming January with the new Birthstone Pet, the Garnet Dog. Delightfully red with a gentle smile and a big heart, you’ll simply fall head over heels with this vibrant pooch!

The Garnet Dog comes with a Birthstone Snowcone and a Garnet Gift Box which includes a Garnet Desk, Garnet Desk Chair, and a Garnet Poster. As with our other Birthstone pets, the Garnet Dog will be available every day on the Ganz eStore in the month of January, from the 1st until the 31st. No game of Red Rover will be complete without one!

Name Special Item Special Food Release Date Retired?
Garnet Rover Garnet Desk, Garnet Desk Chair, and Garnet Poster Birthstone Snowcone January 2010 no

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webkinz secret recipes

Fruit Slushie k$15
Delightfully icy and cold, sure to cool off your Webkinz!
Hunger Boost: 7   Health Boost: 7   Happiness Boost: 2
The cost-per-boost of these 16 points comes to $0.94 each.

Webkinz Recipe Mix these three ingredients: Appliance
Fruit Slushie Cherries Bottled Water Orange Blender
webkinz secret recipes